Lavega Logistics


La Vega Logistics is a licensed Logistics company for the export, import and transit of military shipments and has a proven track record of providing reliable services for all military cargo needs.
We thrive on the challenge of creating the perfect solution for extremely complex cargo.

We have a team of dedicated professionals who are always available to assist you with your Military Cargo. will carefully review all documents before shipping, ensuring that the package adheres strictly according to its specifications and avoid any possible delays during transport across borders or within countries!

We can handle an unlimited range of military cargo and defense equipment and technology, from heavy artillery and armored vehicles, to communication systems, shelters, sanitation, medicines and many other military goods. We have close and proven partnerships with carefully selected carriers and subcontractors who are experienced of regulations and procedures in handling highly sensitive and military goods.

We provide all necessary documentation: security escorts, official authorizations, permits and transit licenses; everything required to ensure perfect compliance and safety. Our international network of reliable agents enables us to ship to and operate in important sea ports in the following target areas:
  • To and from Europe and Middle East trade lanes
  • To and from North America and Middle East trade lanes.
  • We have offer of various types of transport – road, sea, air and often multimodal transport.
  • Our military cargo services are some of the most comprehensive and reliable in the world.

  • We have a long history of transporting critical supplies and equipment to military forces all over the globe, and our team is experienced in working with the unique challenges that come with this type of shipping. In addition to coordinating the logistics and providing labor and transportation, and the necessary clearances before getting underway to get there to site safely and on time.

    La Vega Logistics can grant permits required to transport oversized loads

    Benefits of using our military cargo services include:
  • Reliable and safe transport of critical supplies and equipment
  • Flexible shipping and logistics solutions to meet your needs
  • An experienced team that understands the unique challenges of military shipping
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Plan cranes, forklifts and other equipments